Equipment/Devices Sales And Services

We procure and service Military, Para-military, Emergency, Corporate and Personalized Security and Safety equipment and Devices. Our procurement services, based on our franchise holdings and distributorships, enable us to procure sensitive, exclusive and hi-tech operational products.

Provision Of Very Important Personality (VIP) Protection

We provide specially trained and equipped body guards to Very Important Personalities in the society.  Our body guards operate with hi-tech security devices to prevent attacks and threats to their lives, families and properties.


In view of the dynamics of crime and threats to lives and properties, we offer our Clients the service of  investigating perceived and actual threats to their lives, their family members and beloved ones, business interests, among others and thereafter offer advice accordingly.

Fire/Emergency Management

We assist our Clients to embark on threats related to fire and emergency surveys and thereafter advice on the right equipment procurement and usage to guarantee safety of their environments.


We strategically assist Travel Agents, tourists and ordinary travelers to plan the routes to their destinations within the country devoid of security vulnerabilities; most times with armed escorts.  Besides, we manage Clients events schedules and programmes; and with our various contacts with top operators in the hospitality sector, we also ensure that our Clients receive red carpet treatments anywhere in Nigeria and beyond.

Forensic Security

We provide our Clients, especially; the Corporate Organizations with the latest ICT based solution to their challenges with software, strategic mechanisms, etc. This is mainly done to protect and manage their database, corporate and commercial secrets from vulnerabilities.

Support Services

On requests, we support our corporate and non-corporate Clients in strategically and tactically planning and executing Security, Emergency and other strategic engagements with the objective of achieving success of the events.


We offer regular Security and Emergency trainings to our targeted Clients in view of the dynamics of threats to lives and properties in Nigeria.  We also on requests, due to prospective Clients’ challenges, design and execute trainings to suit their needs.


We consult for our Clients on strategic services based on their peculiar challenges and needs.  Most of our consultancy services are based on brainstorming session, surveys, studies, threat analysis, intelligence, surveillance, among others.  These are done to remotely and immediately identify the causes of the challenges and thereafter offer result-oriented solutions based on developed strategies and tactics.

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